Saturday, 29 October 2011

Visual News Feature

My work has recently been featured on the website I would like to thank Paul Caridad for finding my work and approaching me about the article and Benjamin Starr for the upload.

It's the first time anybody has promoted my art in this way and it has already go my work a lot more attention, for which I am greatful.

The specific article about my work can be viewed here.

Also, I'm starting my next test animation today. It will probably take a few weeks as its far more adventurous than the last two, but i'll be posting other relevant work in the meantime.

More to come.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Animation ii

Finished my second test animation a few days ago.

It's made from 10 frames, each frame is about 10cm², drawn in fineliners and painted in watercolours. As it's only short and looped I felt it would be more appropriate as a .gif than a video.

Although it is pretty derivative of my usual style it is meant to be a simple practice animation to evolve a look for an alien character.

I plan my next test animation to be far more adventurous and combine elements of both this and my last first animation. I also hope to practice frame movement through scenery at some point soon.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Already fallen behind in making a post every day, so I'm changing the rule to every few days. Still working on my next test animation, should have it finished soon. For now I'm uploading a sketch that I completed towards the end of my University course that I included in a small book I made as part of my degree show. I wanted to upload it because I was looking through some old files and realised it shows the exact scenario I'm trying to depict in my animation. Enjoy.

Better posts to come as the project gathers pace.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Illustration i

For this project I intend to make a post each day with at least some content worth showing. However I have been at work all day and not had a chance to figure much out, so im simply going to post an old illustration I completed a few years ago called Stack of Glasses on a Table. I'm uploading it now because even thought its old, I feel that the severity of its plainness would suit my current ideas on how I want the alien entity I'm including in my animation to look.

Undoubtedly more old illustrations to come as and when I have busy days.

Stack of Glasses on a Table
Acrylic / Watercolour / Fineliner

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Animation i

Here is a short animation I recently finished, its slightly rushed but I'm generally pleased with the results. Hopefully the first of many very short tests to try and teach myself this style of animation and to help me get a feel for how I want the final piece to look.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Starting the Project

This blog has been made to document a project in which I hope to make a short sci-fi animation about mankind's first alien encounter. Along with this, the blog will also hopefully keep me motivated to finish what will undoubtedly be a long and painstaking process.

It will include regular updates with short test animations, works in progress, pages from my sketchbook detailing my intentions, some of my illustrations old and new that I deem to be related, other peoples work that inspires me and any other news that I feel is important enough.

For my first post I have included a self portrait that I completed several months ago as it has a similar visual style to how I intend my animation short to be. However, as this project evolves, that intention could be far from the outcome.

[10} - 2011
Watercolour / Fineliners
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