Saturday, 15 October 2011

Starting the Project

This blog has been made to document a project in which I hope to make a short sci-fi animation about mankind's first alien encounter. Along with this, the blog will also hopefully keep me motivated to finish what will undoubtedly be a long and painstaking process.

It will include regular updates with short test animations, works in progress, pages from my sketchbook detailing my intentions, some of my illustrations old and new that I deem to be related, other peoples work that inspires me and any other news that I feel is important enough.

For my first post I have included a self portrait that I completed several months ago as it has a similar visual style to how I intend my animation short to be. However, as this project evolves, that intention could be far from the outcome.

[10} - 2011
Watercolour / Fineliners
-Click for Larger View-

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