Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Back to the blog.

I feel that I should start posting my work again, drew these on blank receipt roll at work when it was quiet.

Much more to come very soon.


  1. Cool stuff!
    Didn't know you worked in Fat Face! Which store are you at?
    Hows the animation/illustration going Jake?

    1. Hello Kate, long time no see.

      Yea, working a few days a week at Fat Face Milton Keynes and a few days in a design studio in Bedford.

      Ive essentially stopped the animation, havnt done anything to it in a good few weeks now, but im still sketching and painting, so alls not lost. I notice from your blog you are still pumping out incredible work on a regular basis. + well done about the Face Face freelance work, looking forward to seeing it soon in the shop.

      Hope you are doing well.